Lighting update: Leo Construction, the contractor for Dominion Power working on the common area lighting project will be in the community working on the lighting this week. This work requires installation lines which requires hand digging and testing, then the lighting of the new poles. If you have any questions, please contact the onsite HOA office at 703-660-2969.

FYI – ALL SHEDS NEED TOWN OF LEESBURG approval.  Sheds must be situated 10 feet from the house, 5 feet from any low deck or patio and be two foot from the side and rear fence lines.  If your shed needs approval, contact the onsite HOA office and I will help walk you thru it.
The onsite office has been closed for the holiday. If you need a temporary parking pass, the office will not be open until Tuesday. Your visitors will have to make arrangements for your guests to park off site. Again, the parking in front of the office and pool house is not available for parking. Vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense. Thank you.
MODIFICATIONS:  Hoping to enhance your property over the summer with a new deck, patio or fence or possibly do some painting or other work.  Patios, decks and solar panels need a building permit from the Town of Leesburg.  Please bring a copy of your plat, deck plan, etc. with you to the town for approval before you apply with the HOA. Please see the onsite HOA office to make sure you don’t need to get approval from the ARB with an approved ARB application first.
*****SHEDS – You now need a zoning permit/application from the Town of Leesburg before installing a shed in the rear of your home along with submitting that with your ARB application with the HOA.  Per Town of Leesburg guidelines, sheds need to be 10 ft. from the home and two feet from each fence line.  You will also need to submit an ARB application.  Sheds can be no taller at the peak than 5’8″ including the base.
***PATIOS – Patios of any type (i.e. wood, cement, paver, stone, etc.) cannot be built to the fence line.  The Town of Leesburg requires an application and also a two-foot set back from each side of the fence line.  This for drainage reasons.  If you purchased a home and your current patio is built to the fence line, it is ultimately your responsibility to correct it. It follows the house, not the old owner.


REFINANCING – If you are working with someone to refinance your home and need documents,

please email or call the onsite HOA office at 703-669-2969.


Mice and Snake issues:

Dear Residents,
Due to ongoing construction in the area (Battlefield Parkway overpass
project). We are seeing increasing pest pressures to several residents homes. The
reason for the added pest pressures is due to the rodents and snakes being moved
from their natural habitat. Anytime you take away a rodent or snake’s natural
environment, they must flee that area and move to a “calmer” location. During this
time of year. Mice and snakes are preparing for mating season and must get to
settled areas. I know this a very disturbing issue with the ongoing Covid-19
pandemic to also have an added pressure in your homes. There are several remedies
that can reduce these pest pressures.

1. Keep grass cut short
2. Keep clutter out of backyard area
3. Keep doors and windows closed as much as
4. Check weather stripping and door seals to ensure
no drafts are getting in.

We at Ehrlich Pest Control are always available to inspect your home at NO
CHARGE and to offer suggestions to ensure our home is pest free. You can

reach out to our local Ehrlich Pest Control Account Executive Jeff Pope
directly by email at


Trash, recycling and big trash are now collected only on WEDNESDAYS.  Also please make arrangements to use your new trash and recycling toters provided by the Town of Leesburg.  If you have any questions regarding the toters, please call 703-771-6677.  Not having your toters stored out of open view on non-collection trash days is subject to a violation and then a fine if not corrected.

 SALE OF HOME :  If you are selling your home and getting ready to go to settlement, along with house and mailbox keys, garage remotes (if needed) and please do not forget to turn in your permanent visitor parking pass. The visitor parking pass transfers with the home and there is a $25.00 fee to replace it.

Take part in your community –  There are many opportunities to serve your neighborhood.  Right now there is an opening on the Architectural Review Board, and most of the Committees.  Please visit the committee information page for details. If you are interested in serving in any capacity, please contact the Board of Directors (

Security Reminder: Please remember to remove all valuables and lock your cars at night.

Please take a moment and register in order to participate on the Sycamore Hill Residents Forum.

Please visit frequently in order to stay up to date with the latest events happening in our community.

Sycamore Hill is a community of 475 town homes, conveniently located in the beautiful Town of Leesburg, VA.

The Sycamore Hill HOA office is located at 402 Ginkgo Terrace NE Leesburg VA 20176