Before it snows . . .
Have a Family Emergency Plan
Most snow events in the Town of Leesburg are only a few inches, with roads open and cleared within 48 hours. Occasionally, we do get a severe snow or ice storm that makes travel dangerous and causes power outages for several days. Are you prepared to be home-bound for two or three days? What if you can’t get home – does your family know what to do then? The Town of Leesburg’s Citizen Emergency Preparedness Guide is a good resource for putting together a plan and knowing what supplies you should have on hand.

Take Steps to Prevent Frozen Water Pipes
Ruptured water lines can cause major damage to your home! The Utilities Department has some valuable to help you prevent water lines from freezing and then breaking: Protect Water Lines from Freezing.

Please see the community HOA page for more Winter information regarding snow.

Another reminder: Vehicles are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense if you still have not picked up your new permanent visitor parking pass. The old one is no longer valid since

The Town of Leesburg Police Department has updated their bulletin. If you have any information, please contact the number listed. Thank you.

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VISITOR PARKING – You must have the new orange/white permanent visitor parking pass to park in visitor parking from 11PM to 6AM, 7 days a week (holidays included).  If you do not have this pass or a temporary visitor pass, your vehicle is subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.  If you have not picked up the replacement , then make time in your day to do so.

Trash, recycling and big trash are now collected only on WEDNESDAYS.  Also please make arrangements to use your new trash and recycling toters provided by the Town of Leesburg.  If you have any questions regarding the toters, please call 703-771-6677.  Not having your toters stored out of open view on non-collection trash days is subject to a violation and then a fine if not corrected.

 SALE OF HOME :  If you are selling your home and getting ready to go to settlement, along with house and mailbox keys, garage remotes (if needed) and please do not forget to turn in your permanent visitor parking pass. The visitor parking pass transfers with the home and there is a $25.00 fee to replace it.
MODIFICATIONS:  Hoping to enhance your property over the summer with a new deck, patio or fence or possibly do some painting or other work.  Patios, decks and solar panels need a building permit from the Town of Leesburg.  Please bring a copy of your plat, deck plan, etc. with you to the town for approval before you apply with the HOA. Please see the onsite HOA office to make sure you don’t need to get approval from the ARB with an approved ARB application first.

Take part in your community –  There are many opportunities to serve your neighborhood.  Right now there is an opening on the Architectural Review Board, and most of the Committees.  Please visit the committee information page for details. If you are interested in serving in any capacity, please contact the Board of Directors (

Security Reminder: Please remember to remove all valuables and lock your cars at night.

Please take a moment and register in order to participate on the Sycamore Hill Residents Forum.

Please visit frequently in order to stay up to date with the latest events happening in our community.

Sycamore Hill is a community of 475 town homes, conveniently located in the beautiful Town of Leesburg, VA.

The Sycamore Hill HOA office is located at 402 Ginkgo Terrace NE Leesburg VA 20176

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