Sycamore Hill HOA Update:
Due to logistical reasons, this project is being rescheduled.  We will post more information as it becomes available.
Please disregard all future letters that you receive in the mail regarding next week’s project. Thank you.

The HOA would like to update you regarding the opening of the swimming pool for the 2018 pool season. The HOA is currently working to do some needed repairs on the pool before it gets resurfaced. This involves several processes which require dry weather.

With the current weather (rain) we have been experiencing over the past month, we are moving as fast as the weather allows to complete this process.

Unfortunately, the pool will not open on Memorial Day weekend; however, we are looking into extending the season on the other end.

We appreciate your patience as we try to get these needed items done as soon as we can so that you may enjoy the pool for the summer!

Pool Passes:  Dig out your 2017 swimming pool passes and find your pool application form and head to the onsite HOA office to update your pool pass for 2018.  You never know, once the pool opens when that hot day will occur.
Coming Soon: Spring/Summer Yard Sale – I am researching possible dates and weather forecasts to plan the Community Yard Sale.  So start sticking aside your items to sell to earn some summer $$.
LAWNS:  Grab your lawn mower, weed trimmer and other lawn accessories and get your lawn up to par.  When mowing your lawn, this includes both the FRONT, SIDE AND REAR LAWNS.   Just because you don’t look at it, doesn’t mean your neighbors want to look at your overgrown lawn. If you are doing some new landscaping, see the office for your ARB application.
MODIFICATIONS:  Hoping to enhance your property over the summer with a new deck, patio or fence or possibly do some painting or other work.  Patios, decks and solar panels need a building permit from the Town of Leesburg.  Please bring a copy of your plat, deck plan, etc. with you to the town for approval before you apply with the HOA. Please see the onsite HOA office to make sure you don’t need to get approval from the ARB with an approved ARB application first.

Take part in your community –  There are many opportunities to serve your neighborhood.  Right now there is an opening on the Architectural Review Board, and most of the Committees.  Please visit the committee information page for details. If you are interested in serving in any capacity, please contact the Board of Directors (

Security Reminder: Please remember to remove all valuables and lock your cars at night. Please also turn on porch lights at night for the safety of all residents.

REMINDER:  If you still have not picked up your permanent visitor’s pass, please stop by the HOA office.   All vehicles parked in a visitor spot overnight must have your own official parking pass. Towing of vehicles without a parking pass will continue to be towed.  If you need a temporary parking pass for a get-together, holidays or having company in town for the weekend, please stop by the HOA office to pick it up in plenty of time.   If you have any questions, please contact the onsite HOA office.

Please take a moment and register in order to participate on the Sycamore Hill Residents Forum.

Please visit frequently in order to stay up to date with the latest events happening in our community.

Sycamore Hill is a community of 475 town homes, conveniently located in the beautiful Town of Leesburg, VA.

The Sycamore Hill HOA office is located at 402 Ginkgo Terrace NE Leesburg VA 20176

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