ARB APPLICATION & Upcoming projects



If you are getting your spring/summer project list ready, you will need to submit an ARB application to the HOA for approval before beginning work.

This is just a small list of items that need approval before starting. If you have a question, please do not to contact the onsite HOA office to check about ARB application submittal.

  • Decks (staining, adding stairs and building a new deck).
  • Installation of a new fence. Also the staining of an existing fence.
  • Installation of a new roof.
  • Patio installation.
  • Landscape changes.
  • Tree removal or planting.
  • Addition of privacy screening to decks.
  • Installation of a new shed.
  • Painting of exterior wood trim, shutters and front doors, do not need ARB approval, but you will need to contact the HOA for the correct colors.
  • New front doors.
  • New storm doors.
  • Concrete staining.