2020 Swimming Pool Season


Due to COVID-19, please look for updated 2020 pool information, pool pass information, etc.

The 2020 swim season at the Sycamore Hill HOA pool facility is scheduled to commence in May 2020; however due to COVID-19, please look for updated information.  Primus Pools will be managing the pool again this year.  The Board of Directors of Sycamore Hill HOA is confident Primus Pools will provide a high level of service by keeping the pool clean and safe.

Pool hours of operation:

During School Season –
After School Season –


Enclosed is a pool pass application (updated form will be on the website by EOM) form, which must be completed to use the swimming pool.  Include the names of all residents, who will use the pool. (Proof of residency is a must).  Town of Leesburg occupancy limits apply.  Please do not list anyone other than the persons residing in your household.  All Homeowners and Residents must provide proof of address (i.e. driver’s license, utility bill, identification card with address, etc.) which lists a Sycamore Hill HOA address.  Children under the age of two will not need a pass.


If you are more than sixty (60) days delinquent in the payment of your monthly assessments, you will be contacted by the Association to schedule a hearing to consider suspension of your privileges to use the recreational facilities, including the pool.  If the Board decided to suspend your privileges at the hearing, your pool pass will be revoked and/or you will not be issued a pool pass if the passes have not yet been distributed.

Patrons must have a pool pass to be admitted to the pool at anytime.  The guards will strictly enforce the use of these pool passes for admittance.  Every Sycamore Hill residence will be allocated up to one pass per occupant with proof of identification for the season.  All homeowners will receive a complimentary guest pass with 10 free guest visits.  Thereafter, additional guest passes may be purchased for $10.00 each at the onsite HOA office.  Payments may be made by check or money order payable to Sycamore Hill HOA.  NO CASH will be accepted.

All homeowners/residents must accompany their guests.  Please sign in and out when entering and exiting the pool area.  Information obtained from the sign-in sheets will be used to monitor pool operations.


When a unit is leased, only the tenants or owners may use the pool, not both.  Non-resident owners, who intend to use the pool, should follow the normal registration instructions.  If the tenant will be given the pool privileges, the non-resident owner must sign the statement at the bottom of the pool application form and provide a copy of the current lease agreement.  (Please note any residence, which is leased, should already have a valid lease on file.  The tenant, who may then register for pool passes, should complete the top portion of the form.)

Please return the completed application to the onsite HOA office to receive your pool passes.

Please review the rules and regulations that are enclosed.  Should you have any questions regarding the use of the pool, please contact the onsite HOA office at 703-669-2969.