The Architecture Review Board (ARB) has the responsibility to apply the architectural regulations and guidelines as set out in the Community Covenants that govern all properties in the Sycamore Hill Community. The ARB is charged with approval or disapproval of homeowners’ requests to add new structures, modify existing structures, and make any other exterior improvements. The ARB will ensure that those changes are in compliance with HOA Policy

Here is a quick list of property changes in which ARB approval is required:

  • changing the color of anything on the exterior
  • adding or staining a deck or fence
  • adding a patio or shed
  • adding or changing a storm door, front door, garage door, or windows (unless an exact replacement is made)
  • planting a tree or tall bush
    Note: This is not a complete list and policy documents should be consulted any time a homeowner makes an exterior change to the home.


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