How to Stay Warm and Save Money on Utilities

If you don’t like cold weather, you may go over board with heating your home, thus creating a huge electricity or gas bill.  You can stay warm and save.


  • Turn your thermostat to 68 degrees.  This is the recommended temperature to keep prices minimal.  Just one degree over 68 could result in 5% more on your bill.
  • Close the vents in rooms that are not used that often.  You will get more heat in the rooms you use the most such as your master bedroom and bathroom.
  • Make sure all doors and windows are weather proof to keep your home properly insulated.  You can save money on your utility bills and stay warmer.
  • Use your fireplace.  Ride around your town to find good deals on firewood.  You can also use artificial logs that can be purchased from grocery stores, discount stores, and home repair stores.
  • Put on more clothing and use blankets.  Bathrobes are great because they are thick and comfortable.  Try a snuggie!
  • Drink warm liquids.  Hot apple cider, hot tea, warm milk, coffee and a great cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream can all help raise your body temperature!