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March 2018 – Outdoor Repairs, Spring Checklist, What to do if your pet goes missing

February 2018 – Committee Meetings, Shoveling and Storage, Trash and Recycling Reminder

January 2018 – Outdoor Lighting Repair, New Community Watch Committee, How And Why To Be Seen At Night

December 2017 – Get More Counter Space, Things to do in December, Common Bathroom Problems and How To Fix Them.

October 2017 – DIY Outdoor Projects, Trick or Treating, Community Document Shredding, and Fall Projects.

July 2017 – Dog Safety Tips, Visitor Parking Permits, Yard Maintenance Tips, and Home Summer Checklist.

May 2017 – Community Pool Info, County Electronics Recycling, Yard Maintenance Tips, and Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

April 2017 – Summer Fun, Home Maintenance Tips, Yard/Pet Tips, and Easter Bunny Kids Facts

March 2017 – Spring Home Checklist, March recipes, Yard/Pet Tips, and St. Patrick’s Day Word Search.

February 2017 – Winter Home Checklist, February recipes, Garage Door Tips, and Super Bowl Word Search.

January 2017 – Winter Home Tips, Proper Recycling of Trees, Take a Hike, and Super Bowl Recipes.

December 2016 – Winter Lawn Tips, Smoke Alarm Advice, Festive Activities, and December Recipes.

November 2016 – House Tips, Charity Run, Thanksgiving Recipes, and Wildlife Safety.

October 2016 – Dog Tips, Yard Sale, Tail Gate Recipes, and School Bus Safety.

September 2016 – Home Tips, Yard Tips, Wild Animal Tips, and School Bus Safety.

August 2016 – Home Tips, Grill Safety, Should I clean it or throw it away, and August Recipes.

July 2016 – Bug Tips, Lawn Maintenance, Movie Night at the Pool, and July Recipes.

June 2016 – Grilling Tips, Lawn Maintenance, Movie Night at the Pool, and June Recipes.

May 2016 – DIY Fence Repair, Lawn Maintenance, Pool Passes, and Local Farmer’s Markets.

April 2016 – Spring Produce, Lawn Maintenance, Pool Passes, and Help Save the Honey Bees.

March 2016 – Pasta Secrets, Lawn Maintenance, March Recipes, and Produce Tips.

February 2016 – GO Bananas, Obesity Tips for Pets, February Recipes, and Cooking Tips.

January 2016 – Keep your Home Safe, Cold Weather Tips for Dog, Winter Recipes, and January Activities.

December 2015 – Have a Safe Holiday Season, Winter Weather Tips , Food Tips, and Christmas Tree Tips.

November 2015 – Have a Safe Holiday Season, Community/City Schedules , Fall Maintenance Tips, and November Recipes.

October 2015 – Fall Events, Community Projects, Window Tips, and October Recipes.

September 2015 – Study Tips, Community Events, Lawn Tips, and September Recipes.

August 2015 – Pet Tips, Lighting Your House, Delicious Recipes, and 10 Bizarre Home Remedies.

July 2015 – Plants that help around the House, Lawn tips, Advise for Pets, Local Events details.

June 2015 – Try some delicious recipes, complete Pinterest type crafts with old picture frames, gain the courage to stop drinking sodas.

May 2015 –