The Town of Leesburg, through its new contractor, Patriot Property Disposal, offers once weekly curbside collection of trash and recyclables for all homes on Wednesday for pick up of trash, recycling and big trash (if scheduled with the Town of Leesburg by Monday AM).  In addition to regular trash and recycling services, the Town also provides pickup for bulk items on Wednesdays only, yard waste, and brush pick up on Monday.  Please visit the Town of Leesburg Trash and Recycling page for information on services available.

Trash and recycling are picked up on the same day which is on Wednesday. All trash must be in sealed bags and put in a lidded container per your HOA resolution which was instituted last year. Please do not put out containers or bags prior to the evening before a pickup. Special pick-ups for bulk items are available on Wednesdays only after a special request has been made to the Town of Leesburg: 703-771-2790 or

No items will automatically be picked up that have been placed at the curb.  You must call to schedule your pickup!

Items that can be scheduled for pick-up:

  • Household furnishings and appliances (except refrigerators & A/C units)
  • Lawn furniture and toys
  • Remodeling leftovers (cabinets, sinks, toilets, vanities)
  • Lawnmowers and power equipment (all oil and gasoline must be drained)
  • Remove all doors from appliances to prevent children from becoming trapped inside (you can also tape/rope the door shut).
  • Hammer down all nails ore remove them completely.
  • Any wood pieces, trim or boards must be less than 4-5 feet in length.
  • Carpet/padding must be bundled in rolls less than 6 feet long and less than 1 foot in diameter.
  • Place called in items on curb Thursday night (after 6 p.m.) for pickup on Friday.


  • No construction debris or contractor waste*
  • No appliances or A/C units containing Freon**
  • No tree limbs, tree stumps or yard waste***
  • No hazardous waste (includes paint, stains, pesticides, etc.)
  • No bricks, tile, concrete products, rocks, stone or roofing shingles & tar
  • No regular household waste – place regular trash out on regularly scheduled trash day!
  • No tires – on or off the rim
  • Do not include propane cylinders with gas grills.
  • Do not block sidewalks, streets or utilities with bulk items (CALL YOUR HOA OFFICE FOR PROPER PLACEMENT).
  • Do NOT put items out Friday morning – they must be out at the curb on Thursday night or they may be missed by the crew. Crews will not be sent back to pickup items set out late!


For Holiday Collection Schedule, including Christmas tree pickup and Fall Bulk Leaf Collection, please visit Leesburg’s Trash & Recycling Services page.

For more information on leaf removal, please call the Street Maintenance Division at 703-737-7070 or email

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For additional information on recycling or refuse disposal, please call 703-771-2790 or e-mail the Town of Leesburg Department of Public Works.

* Construction debris, drywall, rocks, sod, concrete, dirt and similar items are not eligible for bulk pickup.  If you are having services provided by a contractor, you must arrange with the contractor for removal of debris, or take the items to the landfill.

** Special EPA rules apply for any appliances containing Freon.  Before the items can be collected, the Freon must be removed by a certified technician who will then place a sticker on the item stating that is Freon free.  The Town of Leesburg does not provide references to contractors providing this service.  You may wish to contact a refrigeration repair provider to inquire if they offer such services.  If the appliance does not have this sticker, it CANNOT be collected.

*** Tree limbs and branches cannot be picked up as bulk pickup.  If you have smaller tree limbs, place in brown paper yard waste bags for collection on your designated yard waste day.  For branches too large for bags or cans, but under 8 feet in length and 6 inches in diameter, these can be collected with regular brush collection.[/fusion_text]